Musuani Secondary school is in mwingi district which boarders other districts such as mbeere,machakos,embu and kitui, all in eastern province,tana river in coast province and garissa in the north eastern province.

Mwingi district is one of the districts in the arid and semi arid area(asal) and experience perennial rainfall and many other times goes without rains even for year. this has psted negative impcts on the side of development in this district due to its region placement.

many a times the government has tried what thay can to upgrade development in the area but the harsh climatic conditions have always thwarted the devellopment endeavours.This situation has not augured well dewspite the efforts put in the achievement of millenuium development goals(mdgs) especially having clean drinking water and accessible energy or electricity at the homesteads by the year 2015.

The parents of the students at musuani secondary school are predomiunantly peasant farmers in an area characterized by recurrent rain failures and long spell of dry weather.

the area residents have no tangible economic source of income and basically rely on the climatic condition to favour them for subsistence farming which is their economic mainstay.

The area residents also keep animals such as cattle.goats and sheep.These domestic animals are occasionaly sold to supplement the servicing of financial obligations of the community including the payment of school fees and other levies.These animals are grazed using the free-grazing system on privately owned lands.

There are no co-operative societies for farmers in the area so the sale of the little farm produce and animals is done individually through middlemen who will exploit the farmers.


  1. construction of a boys dormitory - was completed funded by mwingi south constituency development fund.
  2. Construction of a girl's dormitory- was completed funded by LATF funds from Mwingi county Council
  3. Construction of a science laborator- almost complete funded by the ministry of education through infrastructure development for schools fund.
  4. Electrification project- complete and funded by the safaricom foundation
  5. Provision of ICT infrastructure-on going project funded by the ministry of education.


  1. Construction of a Modern computer Laboratory.
  2. Science Laboratory fittings and equipping with science laboratory chemicals and equipment.
  3. Construction of additional classes for a third stream
  4. construction of teachers houses-06 teachers units
  5. construction of a modern dining hall and equiping it modern jikos and furniutue.
  6. construction of additional 02 dotmiories to accomodate the increased number of studentsseeking secondary education.
  7. Sinking of a school bole holr to alleviate perenial water problems in the school.
  8. Purchase of aschool bus to cut down on transport costs.



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